Our students had to identify fiction book covers. The most recognisable fiction book in our library is The lightning thief, by Rick Riordan. A fun time was had by all.

Contest winners were: Monica Garvis – 1st prize, Alexia Labre – 2nd prize, Tanya Simboli, Kayla Chan and Caileigh Marks – 3rd prize.

Congratulation to our winners. Good job everyone!



Our students were challenged to decorate a pumpkin. The students did an awesome job! An exhibition of 22 amazing and original pumpkins was held in the library, during the week before Halloween. The staff and students got a chance to vote for their favourite pumpkins.

The winners are: Staff’s pick – 1st Amelia Genty (“Eyeball”); 2nd Madison O’Donnell (“Clown”); 3rd Isaac Joassaint (“Elmo”).

Students’ pick – 1st Megan Gauthier (“Emoji”); 2nd Amelia Genty (“Eyeball”); 3rd Kylie Brown & Cali Allan (“Harry Potter”)

Thank you all for participating! Congratulation to our winners!

“Colour Our World” Contest

During  the last week of April our students had an opportunity to get in touch with their artistic side! Lunchtime was colour away time in the library.  Some very impressive works of art were created.

The winner were:

1st Monica Garvais – Statue of Liberty, New York

2nd Maya Doran – Mount Fuji, Japan

3rd Kate Szeibert – Monument Valley, USA

Congratulation to our winners, and thanks to all who participated in the contest. Thank you to Ms. Cosentino for her help in picking the winners.

Storyteller Visit

Through the government sponsored program “Culture in Schools”, on March 22 & 23, the library hosted a visit by Stéphanie Bénéteau, a professional storyteller. Our students were introduced to the art of storytelling and the oral tradition. We were all mesmerized by the artfully told stories. It was a very educational and enjoyable experience for all!


During the week of February 8th to 12th , our library was celebrating St.Valentine’s by challenging students to play the “Famous Pairs” Trivia. Many students participated and enjoyed the activity. Our winner was Lauren Kowalski sec 2. Other winners were Ashley Perry sec 1,Danica Henrichon sec 1 and consolation prizes went to John Charles and Jesse Grondin.

Friday was words of kindness day in the library. Many students showed their appreciation and love for their fellow students.