What are your summer reading plans?

Now that school is over and you are bored, what do you plan on reading?



Non Fiction Book of the Week!

ask me everything

Ask me Everything by D.K. Publishing

  “What? You have more questions? BRING IT ON! Ask Me EVERYTHING! Really! This book is chock full of lists and quips, stats and quotes, and will keep readers of all ages asking questions for hours. No topic is left unquestioned, no question is left unanswered. This brilliant follow-up to Ask Me Anything will bring joy and edification to the whole family.”
-Taken from Google Books Review

Really a great book to read for fun or if you are a trivia buff or have an upcoming trivia tournament, you will want to look at this book!

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Thank You Student Volunteers!

Last Thursday we had our annual end of year pizza party to thank the student library volunteers.  The students have done a fantastic job in the library.  Their duties included:  desk circulation, putting away the books, helping out with different library events, stuffing scholastic envelopes and other jobs.  Their enthusiasm is always refreshing!  Thanks guys for all that you do.

volunteer party - 2013 - 4volunteer party - 2013 - 1   volunteer party - 2013 - 6 volunteer party - 2013 - 7 volunteer party - 2013 - 8 volunteer party - 2013

pizza party - 2013 - 9

Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokémon in the Library


Over the past few weeks I have noticed this resurgence of Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokémon card playing in the library.  It is amazing the long lasting effect both these series have had.  Before school, recess and lunch, a group of students gather round a table to battle it out.  Other students are bringing their cards in and trading with each other.  All this to say, don’t be shy, come to the library and join in!

Not sure how to play?  A little rusty on the rules?  Click here – Rules

pokemon and yughio

Congratulations to our READING BINGO winners!

Lilly getting reading bingo award  Abby getting Reading Bingo Award

The students were challenged to complete different reading bingo squares which ranged from reading mystery books, to designing book covers to writing book reviews.  Our two winners tied for first place completing all the squares.  Congratulations to Lilly and Abby!  Each winner received a Chapters gift card, iTunes card and Walmart card.