Book Trailer of the Week!

There are some really cool book trailers out there.  Here is one that I stumbled upon when I was looking for information about the book that I had recently bought for the library.  Let me know what you think of it!


Project Help: Databases!

We talked about databases in our orientation classes but here is a reminder – use the databases for your projects and research assignments!  They are so simple to use and you know that your information is coming from a great source.

You can get to the databases by logging into your Portal account.  Click on My Resources tab and voilà, you are there.

What databases do we have???

Britanica Encyclopedia

You can search by Elementary, Middle or High School.  WWJR students should choose the Middle school option.   There are lots of great options – how to do a research paper, write a book review, create a science report, as well as search for information.


universalis junior

Need to do you a French project?  Check out this fantastic French encyclopedia!  There are videos, images, a French/English dictionary as well as lots of information on different topics.


Need help understanding a concept in science?  This  website features more than 800 interactive simulations and videos to facilitate science learning, and it keeps growing every week!