Last Book Café for 2013

This Thursday at lunch, we will be hosting our last Book Café for 2013.  If you are interested in attending, please let the librarian know.  As always, there will be goodies to nibble on.


Are you going to see the Hobbit?

the hobbit

The Hobbit comes out on Friday.  Do you plan on seeing it?

Check out the IMDB site:

Website of the Week:

Recently, students have been wandering in the Library asking for synonyms to words on their English vocabulary sheets.  We have thesaurus in the library that I direct them to but if you are at home, this is a great website to look up words.  In addition, there is other great things on this site: crossword puzzles, word of the day and a reference section.  Don’t have access to a computer? You can download their app from your phone’s app store.

Check it out!

Which book is next in the series?

A very common question I get is: “Miss, which is the next book in this series?”  There is a great website that has been created by Mid Continent Public Library that allows you to search for books in a series.  You can search by Title, Author, Series title or by subject.  It is well maintained and very easy to use.

Check it out!