literacy canada

World Literacy Canada is holding a writing contest for all Canadian students in grades 5 -8.

What do you have to do?
Write a story continuing from where this sentence leaves off (in 400 words or less).

It’s been a long, sleepless night of strange dreams. Even once you wake up, you think you’re still dreaming, because you aren’t in your own bed. You aren’t even yourself! It’s no dream. You’ve woken in another part of the world, as someone from another culture.

When do you have to submit your story?
By April 4th

Are there prizes?
Yes, lots of prizes!

First Place wins $500 and one-on-one Skype time with Kelley Armstrong!

Top 9 Finalists win $50!Loki Wolves

All winners:

  • Become published authors in a collectible magazine and online!

  • Receive a copy of Loki’s Wolves, signed by Kelley Armstrong!

  • World map and atlas!

  • World Literacy Canada swag!

For more information, go to the World Literacy Canada website:



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