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Eric Walters visits the Library

Eric Walters

We have had a whirlwind of authors come through our doors over the past couple of weeks.  On Tuesday, the Grade 7 students were treated to a visit from Eric Walters.  Eric Walters is a prolific writer and an energetic presenter.  He had the kids entertained with his stories and inspired by his actions.  The students were challenged by the librarian to submit a 100 word essay on what inspires them.  Entries are due today!  The winner will receive the latest copy of Mr. Walters book – The Rule of Three.

Thank you to Home and School for helping to sponsor this event.

Check out Eric Walters website:

Check out the book trailer for Rule of Three: 

PCHS wins Final Battle!

Congratulations to PCHS!

LBPSB: Battle of the Books

Winners - PCHSWinners -PCHS 1

What an amazing night!  The teams last night competed hard and really knew their books.  PCHS won the battle with 83 points.  Second place went to Saint Thomas.  A big thank you to our guest moderators – Michael Chechile (Director of Educational Services for LBPSB), Julian Taylor ( MELS) and Sue Smith (CBC Home Run Host).  A big thank you to Suzanne Nesbitt for all her work and dedication to this project.  Finally, without the school librarians, these battles would never get off the ground.  The School Librarians have been coaching their teams and inspiring students  not only with this project but all the other activities that they do in their libraries.  Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication!

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Lightning Round - Sue Smith 1    White Board Questions   Lightning Round - Sue Smith

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Battle of the Books

set up for school battle

The past 2 weeks have been a whirlwind of battles taking place both at the school and division level.

On Friday, March 28, we held our school level battle with 3 teams:  The Book Thieves; The Steampunk Dinosaurs; and The Unitatoes.

It was quite the battle but the Steampunk Dinosaurs emerged victorious.
School Battle 20

On Thursday, April 3, WWJR hosted the Division Round of the Battle.  We had 6 high schools in the library.  A big thank you to the Mrs. Coiteux, Mrs. Quinn and Mrs. Nesbitt for agreeing to moderate the battles.  The teams were intense and determined.  They also brought lots of enthusiasm to the battle too!  Sadly our team did not get to move onto the next level.  PCHS and Saint Thomas will be representing our division at the Finals which will take place tonight at the School Board.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  To find out more about Battle of the Books, visit the website:

Division Battle - Saint Thomas
Saint Thomas Team
Group photo of Divison
Android Division
Final tally
Final Tally
Divison battle wwjr 2
Steampunk Dinosaurs
Division Battle - WWSR 2
WWSR – Lightning Round
Division Battle - WWJR
WWJR Steampunk Dinosaurs
Division Battle - WWJR - MJ
WWJR – Lightning Round
Division Battle - pCHS
PCHS team
Chloe 2
Spokesperson for the Steampunk Dinosaurs

Steampunk dinosaurs 3

Monique Polak speaks to WWJR Grade 8 students

Monique Polak visit 2

On Friday, April 4, we had the great pleasure to host author extraordinaire  Monique Polak.   All Grade 8 students had the opportunity to listen to her speak about her experience  writing her book What World is Left (availabe in the library)This book is set during the Holocaust which ties into the theme that these students have been studying in English class.  Monique Polak’s stories about gathering information for the book (mainly from her mother but also through her travels) kept the students captivated.  After her first presentation, she had a group of students who had lots of questions for her.

Monique Polak visit

The students walked away with a better understanding of the Holocaust and lots of great advice.  She encouraged students to talk to their grandparents and get their stories.  She also encouraged them to be snoopy in order to get “the story”.

A big thank you to Home & School for supporting this author visit.

To find out more about Monique Polak, you can visit her website:
To see her post about her visit: