Monique Polak visit 2

On Friday, April 4, we had the great pleasure to host author extraordinaire  Monique Polak.   All Grade 8 students had the opportunity to listen to her speak about her experience  writing her book What World is Left (availabe in the library)This book is set during the Holocaust which ties into the theme that these students have been studying in English class.  Monique Polak’s stories about gathering information for the book (mainly from her mother but also through her travels) kept the students captivated.  After her first presentation, she had a group of students who had lots of questions for her.

Monique Polak visit

The students walked away with a better understanding of the Holocaust and lots of great advice.  She encouraged students to talk to their grandparents and get their stories.  She also encouraged them to be snoopy in order to get “the story”.

A big thank you to Home & School for supporting this author visit.

To find out more about Monique Polak, you can visit her website:
To see her post about her visit:


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