set up for school battle

The past 2 weeks have been a whirlwind of battles taking place both at the school and division level.

On Friday, March 28, we held our school level battle with 3 teams:  The Book Thieves; The Steampunk Dinosaurs; and The Unitatoes.

It was quite the battle but the Steampunk Dinosaurs emerged victorious.
School Battle 20

On Thursday, April 3, WWJR hosted the Division Round of the Battle.  We had 6 high schools in the library.  A big thank you to the Mrs. Coiteux, Mrs. Quinn and Mrs. Nesbitt for agreeing to moderate the battles.  The teams were intense and determined.  They also brought lots of enthusiasm to the battle too!  Sadly our team did not get to move onto the next level.  PCHS and Saint Thomas will be representing our division at the Finals which will take place tonight at the School Board.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  To find out more about Battle of the Books, visit the website:

Division Battle - Saint Thomas

Saint Thomas Team

Group photo of Divison

Android Division

Final tally

Final Tally

Divison battle wwjr 2

Steampunk Dinosaurs

Division Battle - WWSR 2

WWSR – Lightning Round

Division Battle - WWJR

WWJR Steampunk Dinosaurs

Division Battle - WWJR - MJ

WWJR – Lightning Round

Division Battle - pCHS

PCHS team

Chloe 2

Spokesperson for the Steampunk Dinosaurs

Steampunk dinosaurs 3


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