Pumpkin Decorating Contest

2014-10-30 09.20.28     2014-10-30 09.20.39

Over the past couple of weeks, students were encouraged to decorated a mini pumpkin and submit it to the Library.  The only rule was that they could not carve it.  Check out the fantastic pumpkins participating in the challenge.  Teachers will be voting for their top 3  pumpkins today at recess and third period.  It is going to be a hard decision!

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Halloween in the Library

2014-10-23 08.59.05The student volunteers and I were busy decorating the library.  Along with our decorations, we need YOUR help!  The annual pumpkin decorating contest has begun.  The free pumpkins have already been taken but don’t let that stop you from entering!  You can bring in your own small pumpkin decorated however you want.  The only rule is that it cannot be carved.  Teachers will be asked to judge the pumpkins submitted to the library.  The top 3 pumpkins will win a bag of candy!

2014-10-23 10.50.13     2014-10-23 10.52.052014-10-23 08.59.38     2014-10-23 10.50.04