read for the fun of it bulletin board

Every year we celebrate Teen Read Week!  This year, the theme is “Read for the Fun of it”.  We have lots of fun activities and challenges throughout the week.


Bookmark Challenge:  Create a bookmark for the Library.  Pick up an entry form in the Library for guidelines and details.

Do you Know the Library Website Challenge:  Think you know the library website?  Take the quiz and have a chance to win a $10 iTunes card.  Quizzes are available at the desk.

Face Book Challenge:  No, not that FACEBOOK.   Find a book with a face on it and align it to your body.  Our resident photographers will take your picture and we will create a mural with all the photos we get.


October 10-  Battle of the Books 2015 Launch – sign up today for this amazing, exciting and fun activity.  Questions?  Our team from last year will be on hand from last year to answer all your questions.

October 14- Community Puzzle – Help! Our puzzle needs to be put together.  Drop by and help build this masterpiece.

October 15 – Superhero Jeopardy at lunch.  Think you know your superheroes?  Get 2-4 friends together to make a team.

October 16 – Question of the Month will be up on the blue bulletin board in the Library.

October 17 – Book Café –  Join our lively book discussion group with the added bonus of juice and cupcakes!


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