Halloween Fun In The Library!

Post-it notes contest took place the week of Halloween. Many students participated.

The winner was “Emoji”!



Paper Crane Update – March

March cranesWe are so very close to completing the challenge!  We are currently at: 914 cranes.


Any book counts (library or home book)

The books that you read in English class count!

The homeroom with the most books read will win a prize!  Click on this link –HOMEROOMCRANES

November Events

Welcome to November!  We have a few exciting events this month.  If you would like to have more information or would like to sign up for any of the events, drop by the library.

Paper Crane Challenge – A year round challenge.  Read a book, build a crane.

Book Café – November 13 @ lunch.  This month we are changing it up a bit.  A couple of students wanted to debate characters – whether they are good or evil.  Come and join us on this most interesting idea that Voldemort may not be evil!

Tribute Trivia Challenge – November 20 @ lunch.  Do you have what it takes to survive the Hunger Games?  If you think so, then find a partner and sign up for one of the districts or if you dare… the Capitol.  Winning team will win passes to Mockingjay which opens on November 21.

1000 Paper Crane Book Challenge


This year the LBPSB libraries have a common theme which is based on the quote by Walter Dean Myers – ” Reading is not Optional”

I am challenging all the Westwood Jr. students and staff to read at least 1 book this year (you can read more though….).  Each completed book equals a paper crane.  We have pre-made cranes in the library or for the adventurous spirits, they can make their own crane.  By the end of May, lets have the whole library decorated with these cranes.

We have a good start to the challenge (see picture above).  I will keep everyone updated on our progress over the year.

Questions?  Come to the library and ask away!

Calling all Creative Writers!

literacy canada

World Literacy Canada is holding a writing contest for all Canadian students in grades 5 -8.

What do you have to do?
Write a story continuing from where this sentence leaves off (in 400 words or less).

It’s been a long, sleepless night of strange dreams. Even once you wake up, you think you’re still dreaming, because you aren’t in your own bed. You aren’t even yourself! It’s no dream. You’ve woken in another part of the world, as someone from another culture.

When do you have to submit your story?
By April 4th

Are there prizes?
Yes, lots of prizes!

First Place wins $500 and one-on-one Skype time with Kelley Armstrong!

Top 9 Finalists win $50!Loki Wolves

All winners:

  • Become published authors in a collectible magazine and online!

  • Receive a copy of Loki’s Wolves, signed by Kelley Armstrong!

  • World map and atlas!

  • World Literacy Canada swag!

For more information, go to the World Literacy Canada website: http://www.worldlit.ca/canada-programs/write-for-a-better-world/write2014/