Library Services

Our Library Collection:

The Library has English and French books in the collection.  There is an extensive selection of Fiction representing most genres. There is a fantastic non-fiction collection to help with your school work/projects.  Our non-fiction collection also has lots of general interest books ranging from biographies to music to sports to cooking.


The Library subscribes to numerous magazines.  Students may read these periodicals in the library.  Certain magazines may be borrowed for a week.

Kobo E-reader:

The library has several KOBO’s for loan.  Students must first have their parent’s sign a consent form before they can borrow the e-reader.

Project Help:

Need help locating information for your project?  The Librarian can help you find information for your project using books and the internet.


There are 15 computers in the library available for student use.  Students may print their computer work in the library.  the cost is $0.10 cents per page.  Please note that students who are doing class work have priority on the computers

Contests, Programs and Events:

The Library has a lot of contests throughout the year.


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